Futbol Is Epic! - The Name Says It All!

Immediate Music's Yoav Goren has a passion for football or "soccer" to many of us in North America call it. The wealth of songs and chants sung by huge crowds at European matches struck a chord and inspired Yoav to embark on a great music odyssey; to assemble a collection of impeccably produced songs and anthems. Thus was born: "Futbol Is Epic!"; the baby which the Epic Music world was missing. The greatest sport on earth and the greatest music together at last!

Futbol is Epic is 15 classic anthems created with both tender-loving-care and a no-holds-barred Epic production value that simply must be heard! Full choirs and orchestras and a solid dash of rock and roll made this come alive!

Treat yourself to this amazing video document of the "Making Of Futbol is Epic!" by clicking on the image below or HERE.

Perhaps one of the best ways to sample the tracks is through our exciting videos at YouTube or listen and download at Imperativa Records' Bandcamp profile.

"Stern Des Südens"

Last and far from least we must share this Futbol Is Epic! rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone". To this day, the song lives on and on as a favorite of fans and the #YNWA hashtag on social media is a common part of the Liverpool FC lexicon. Matty and Julien (Members of the the rock band Rev Theory) helped take this to a whole new level. Enjoy the video below.

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

Numerous other world class talents were instrumental in making this a reality. Lend them your ear and be prepared to shout out GOOAALL!

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Song titles

Milan, Milan!

Allez Paris Saint-Germain

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Cant Del Barça

Stern Des Südens

Glory Glory Man United

Storia Di Un Grande Amore

Tek Büyük Galatasaray

Hymne Olympique Lyonnais

Arsenal, We’re On Your Side

Leuchte Auf Mein Stern Borussia

Blue Is The Colour

Vechernyaya Pesnya

Glück Auf, Der Steiger Kommt

Hala Madrid

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