The Immediate Signature - Orchestral Soundtrack

This cinematic collection of classic orchestral movements is different from our previous Epic Orchestral releases. Organic in nature, Orchestral Soundtrack is comprised of lush score and traditional orchestra. Rich in instrumentation, pieces like Beauty of The Fall and The Sacred Hunt will act as perfect score intros and middles for period piece stories. The Theory Of Light and Wandering Hearts are modern, but classic songs that evoke emotion and carry a deep sense of urgency. Traditional and timeless, The Quest For Glory and Time and Tide are triumphant and victorious, reminiscent of songs from earlier Themes For Orchestra & Choir. Be sure to check out the unique and evocative Neither God Nor Man, featuring a mysterious and ethereal female vocal. Here is a sample "A Journey Awaits" to offer you a taste. Inquiries always welcome and please feel free to check out our Music Page for other recent collections as well as our Placements Page to see where the music finds home!

Design: Koke Núñez Gómez

Orchestral Soundtrack

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