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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I hire Immediate Music to custom score my project?
For over twenty years, we've been hired to compose original music for everything from films, television shows, trailers, logos, commercials, theme parks and sporting events. Our signature production style and state-of-the-art studios can accommodate a wide range of project budgets. Contact us about scoring your project.
Do you work with outside composers?


Yes - a big part of Immediate Music's success is tied to our close creative relationship with numerous talented composers all over the world who create highly stylized music that is relevant to our specialized catalogue. 

Regarding New Composer Submissions -  we are currently not accepting new submissions. Watch this space for updates.



I'd like to purchase your music - what can I buy and where is it available?

Immediate has released several commercial albums through the Imperativa Records label. All these albums are available for digital downloading and streaming through all the major online outlets - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many others. Physical CDs are also available - stores worldwide carry our albums. 

Some of our industry-only releases are digitally available to the public at Bandcamp. And every holiday season, we make some of our legacy industry releases on CD available for purchase. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest news about any of our releases.

I've purchased one of your tracks or albums - can I use it in my film or video project?

Purchasing a track from us does not grant any re-use or sychronization rights to the listener. If you intend on utilizing our music for anything except personal enjoyment, then you are obliged to contact us in order to obtain a license for the use of our music.

Immediate Music does not offer so-called "buy-out" or "royalty-free" licenses, and our licensing costs vary depending on the type of audio-visual project. YouTube uses are explained further below.

I would like to obtain a music license for my project - who do I contact?

Send an email to info.bmgpm.us@bmg.com with your FULL project details and we will get back to you with further information.  Inquiries that do not include information for each of the following fields may not receive a response. 

Please list the following information and title the subject of your email, "QUOTE REQUEST." 


1. Project Name (please specify the type, i.e. trailer, tv commercial, film, webisode, online ad, etc).

2. Title of the song you'd like to license and the length in minutes and seconds that you plan to use it for.

3. Term (define length of time needed for the license, i.e. 1 month, 1 year, perpetuity etc).

4. Territory (i.e. worldwide, one country, one city etc.)

5. Media Rights (i.e all media, theatrical, television, internet only, convention centers etc.)


*If this is the first time you've requested a quote from Immediate Music, please specify your music budget for the requested song.

Please note that we do not grant nor reply to requests for gratis licenses in student or amateur productions intended for exhibition in classrooms and festivals.

I am an individual who would like to use an Immediate Music song in my own produced videos, but I want to be able to monetize these videos myself on my Youtube channel. Can I?
In order for an uploader to monetize a video containing our music on Youtube, a synchronization license must be secured.
The rates for these licenses vary, depending on usage. Contact us at info.bmgpm.us@bmg.com for a quote, following the instructions in the music licensing FAQ above.
Once a sync license is secured, we will remove our copyright claim from the video, thereby allowing monetization for the uploader's benefit.